Who doesn’t love chocolate coconut bars? Of course, every man to his own taste (especially if we talk about food tastes). But, If to ask people, if they love coconut, the majority will answer positively. Very neutral, yet so aromatic and sweet. Textured, yet so mild and gentle. It seems that coconut was designed to bring us happiness and carelessness of a tropical dream. And there is no surprise that chocolate, coconut, and sugar made a perfect combination in the form of very popular candy bars.

But this fantastic mix can bring some troubles along with the feeling of tropical breeze. And these troubles will reveal themselves in unexpected numbers on the scales if you enjoyed those bars too often. So, does the chocolate coconut candy bar deserve a place among other daily snacks?

Choco-coconut candy bars: some figures

100g of the coconut bars can give us 488 kcal of energy or 24.4% of Total Daily Intake, based on a 2,000 kcal diet. But one package of two candy bars doesn’t weigh 100 g, so it is a little bit “lighter” in terms of nutrition facts. The package contains 2 candies of 29 g each on average. So, with one package we can get 284 kcal, and it is still a lot for such a small portion size.

Almost half of the energy we receive from the tropical candy bar comes from fat, every gram of which releases 9 kcal. And almost as significant part is given by sugar, which is often called “the greatest danger to our health” (which is not always fair). Despite the debatable status of sugar, it has been a desirable source of fast energy for our ancestors for millions of years. If you eat something sweet, you can easily get the energy you need – these calories are quite “cheap” and don’t require a lot of digesting to be released. We are used to craving something sweet because of evolutionary proven ways of survival, imprinted in our DNA. Which is a benefit, if you live in the middle of savannah and require power to go hunting. But do we live in such circumstances?

Despite the heavy fat and carb load, the coconut filling of these bars is rich with micronutrients, such as copper, calcium, phosphorus, and others. So, carrying a lot of energy, these chocolate coconut bars can also positively affect your health. They help to support bones, blood formation, vessels, and immune function. But is it possible to get all the benefits without the corresponding disadvantages?

Food swap: comparison

We are used to have the chocolate coconut candy bars as a snack. Let’s pick another snack, which would give us the same benefits while minimizing the drawbacks. For a more accurate comparison, we will take one package of candy bars, containing 284 kcal.

What can we have within a limit of 284 kcal? Here’s what we got:

  • 1 slice Whole Grain bread;
  • 5.3 Oz (150g) Plain non-fat Greek yogurt;
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp apricot jam;
  • 1 mug Brewed Unsweetened Tea.

For the 282 kcal of pure energy, you’ve got the complete food intake, which will satiate you for at least 4 hours – thanks to the proteins in it. Just take a look at the impressive table of micronutrients – this snack portion is really full of benefits and able to challenge the quantity of phosphorus and copper in the 100g of our chocolate coconut candy bars. As a pleasant bonus, you will get a flavor diversity to pamper your taste buds.

Chocolate coconut bar and the food swap comparison. Photo.

How to deal with the chocolate coconut bars

Remember, that there is no good or bad food. It is always a question of portion size and goals you have at the moment. If you still want a tropical pleasure despite everything, you can try these ways of dealing with your cravings.

  • Eat a portion, which is specified on the package by a producer – you’ll always be aware how much you’ve eaten
  • If you can’t stop on 1 portion, remove the candy bars from your menu for a while. In this case, if you don’t have it right at hand, the chance you will overeat them comes to zero.
  • If your cravings are too strong, just put your most comfortable shoes on and go hunting for the bars to the farthest supermarket in your district – combine pleasure with low-intensity activity!
  • Try to cook home-made choco-coconut bars. They contain less sugar and more fibers, and you always know what’s inside your home-made snacks. You can find our healthy chocolate coconut bars recipe here.
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