How to choose a sport that suits you best?

So, it’s happened: you’ve finally decided, that it’s time to start exercising and get back on track. But how could you determine, what kind of sports or activities you should choose to reach your goals and be highly motivated at the same time?

For most people, willing to add a new activity to a daily routine, sports can seem like a time-consuming duty or even a physical torture

These preconceptions are absolutely right if all the previous experience you ever had was related to endless boring hours, spent on a treadmill or “do-or-die” group training sessions, which almost made you cry. But the real reason for such sad relationship between people and sports is hidden in the levels of “compatibility”. In other words, people often don’t pay enough attention to their abilities and wishes and don’t choose an activity, which could suit them best in relation to these parameters. Let’s follow five steps to find out, how to choose the right sport to marry your goals and your needs!

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 1.Determine your real goal

If you think, that weight loss is the real end goal of your suffering in the gym, think again. The thing is that our lazy brain likes to trick us this way, pretending, that a wish of doing this is the real goal you need to follow. And this is a perfect trick to avoid any type of activity because there is an obvious lack of clear vision and motivation here.

Ignore sly tricks of your brain and try to dive into yourself and find the real reason, that moves you to change your life and start exercising

If you feel, that you desperately need to have six-pack abs at least once in your life, ask yourself, why do you really want it to happen? Maybe you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex or just want to be more confident? If you find the answer, it will allow you to analyze, what kind of sports suits you best. For example, if you want to invite more confidence in your life, opt for sports, well-known for their ability to boost self-esteem and self-control. And martial arts might be quite a good choice. 

The main trick here is to determine, what intentions rule your wishes – they can direct you towards the right decision in terms of choosing an activity you could stick to. 

Wish to be a part of a group is a good reason to choose group sports. Photo.

2. Find out, what drives you

Ok, you’ve done the first step. It’s time to find your motivation resources or drivers, which could let you move mountains and get the shape of your dreams. 

And now, try to imagine such a situation: you’re required to make a very important task. It’s so important you can’t ignore it or put it on hold. Analyze, what kind of powers could help you perform the task as well as possible? If your imagination draws other people, supporting you, perhaps, group training or team sports would suit you better. Football, Volleyball or gym training groups – the choice is yours!

Or maybe you think about your boss, controlling and forcing you to do your best? In this case, you can choose sports, which involve interaction with a coach. Workouts in a gym, martial arts, individual swimming training – choose anything, that could push you to cooperate with a person, who will be your influencer and coach.

Find out, what is really able to push you out of your comfort zone the most effectively

Do you need to compete with others? Opt for highly competitive activities, such as running, swimming, or bodybuilding. Finally, maybe your inspiration is other people’s admiration? Choose dances, yoga, or other activities, making the body look and move impressively. 

Don’t be afraid to know the real things, motivating you – there is nothing wrong if you need the presence of other people or their approval to feel motivated and energized. This is your true power, which could be harnessed for the betterment of every aspect of your life. Even if you want to choose the right sport. 

The rhythm of the chosen sport should be compatible to your own. Photo.

3. Find your own rhythm

What’s your choice – to think and decide fast or follow the path of Buddha? Do you love active movements or prefer a slower, yet mindful pace? The answers you’ve given are very important if you really want to choose the most suitable sports for yourself.

Every sport or activity has options for everyone, and it is highly important to choose the option, which fits your lifestyle and your pace of life

But before making the final decision, make some research to avoid some widespread mistakes, connected with the lack of information. 

Make a deeper research of the chosen activities. Photo.

4. Make research

“Is it a joke?” – you might ask. And really, why would you make any kind of research if all that you want is to simply choose a gym? The thing is that even if you’ve successfully finished the previous tasks and determined the appropriate sports for yourself, you still could have made an uninformed decision. 

For example, you’ve found out, that you want to be more flexible and attractive, love to exercise with a group, and prefer a slower pace. Possibly, yoga is what can make you happy and help you achieve your goal. Gain with no pain – sounds promising! But there are a lot of yoga styles and not all of them are about careful and slow stretching. Thus, you risk to enroll in the first class you saw and find out, that a dynamic and athletic Vinyasa yoga class is totally not the same yoga as you imagined. 

If you feel, that you’ve found activities, which could be suitable for you, just try to find more information about them

Find bloggers and vloggers doing those sports, read about various styles, join thematic groups in social networks, and communicate with the people there. The main advice here – just try to find out more about the activities you would like to opt for as your sport. It will allow you to avoid mistakes and bitter disappointment and choose the right sport.

Choose a sport wisely. Photo.

5. Choose wisely

At last, you’ve made a list of activities you want to try. Hurray! It was a long path, and now you can’t wait to visit all those trial lessons or start a video-call with a coach you’ve picked up. But this stage of making a choice is enormously important just as all the previous ones. 

Even now, you still need to pay attention to a lot of things. Do you like your coach? Do you feel, that the people in this particular group are your people? Is this gym ok for you? If you want to make your activity the most beneficial for you, everything you perceive as important must satisfy you. Of course, there is no ideal gym or an ideal coach – everything has its own pros and cons. But the chosen activity must be satisfying you with the process just as much as with the result itself.

Determine, what are the things, which are important to you in the activity you’ve chosen, and search for suitable options

Make a list of things you perceive unacceptable. If you feel, that your coach should listen to your feelings and shouldn’t push you too hard, don’t agree to work with a coach, who practices a “rude motivation” style. If you want to be a part of a friendly group of people, don’t enroll in a class of silent individualists, who visit it only for the sake of exercising. 

Activity must be joyful. Photo.

In conclusion

In the end, it doesn’t matter, which sport you choose. At the beginning of your new sporty path, you possibly will feel exhausted after taking a class. And it is highly possible, that you will be thinking to stop and quit because the tension is too high. But that’s a normal process of learning a new skill or doing something you’ve never tried before.

That’s why it is so important to choose the right sport or activity, suitable for you. Because if you like the people around, enjoy new movements, which your body is learning to do, or love the way your coach guides you towards your goal, you will win. And that’s what matters the most. 

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